About Kingdom Covenant Connections

Kingdom Covenant Connections is a global vision and a licensed organization that has been established to bring the body of Christ together as one.  The foundation of our company is built on the word of God according to John 17:21 and we want you to know that every area of this vision from our staff to the music has been carefully chosen for the glory of God.

At Kingdom Covenant Connections we extend an invitation to you to help us bridge the gaps (race, age, and creeds) that has divided the body of Christ around the world for centuries.  By allowing us to list your church with Kingdom Covenant Connections, you will help us see the manifestation in the power of agreement and also the power of oneness (Genesis 11:1-6).  Just imagine what would happen if we all speak the same language by coming together.

We believe that in the mind of God the internet was created to bring the body of Christ together like the television that is now reaching people around the world for the glory of God.  Since the computer age, there has been thousands of websites launched, but at Kingdom Covenant Connections we are taking on a new approach that will connect the body of Christ together around the world.